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What is the aim of this website?


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A new adventure starts here. A window opens on the outside world,
through the web. Tell me what you think of this site. I aim to present
my pictures little by little, to communicate with you, to share my excitement,
my moments of happiness, my long vigils, my encounters with wildlife and with local residents.
Get you to discover imposing landscapes. Get you to travel. I am privileged and happy
to be on location, very frequently, and I think of all those who cannot travel so far.
Photography is the pre-eminent medium to chronicle and to inform.
Wildlife and primitive peoples, all over the world, are in danger ;
some tribes, some species, are on the verge of extinction.
If you wish to do so, we will approach photography, required equipment, etc.
My links :My friends in photography and the publishing world.
NIKON : photographic equipment, in all weathers, in any condition.
FUJI : the film conveying my vision.
OBJECTIF BASTILLE : a welcoming shop.
ASCPF : association of wildlife photographers.
PHOTOTEM : my website host.
My aims : shows and courses in photo hunting.
If you wish to combine trips and pictures...







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