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Courses in Great
Paradise National Park


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Just back from Italy, I have pleasure in presenting some new pictures
taken during my stay in the park. Circumstances obliged me to climb between
2500 and 2700 meters to find herds of ibex and chamois : spring was early that year...
As June is the breeding season for both species, the new-borns had to follow
their mothers to these heights on mountainous rocks. I had to take the greatest
care in approaching the young herds, in order not to endanger their lives.



Il Gran Paradiso


Mountain range in
Great Paradise east side


Great Paradise in autumn


Valnontey valley


Alpine meadow and rhododendrons


On the top of the sun


Plant meets mineral


Chalet and natural outline


Mountain stream
(path of Lozon)


Mountain stream
and whirlpool


Chamois - male


Keen interest...


Chamois - female
spring moulting


Chamois in autumn :


Chamois walking on the path
(stalking picture)


Friendly behaviours




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