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'Land of extremes'


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Former Somalia's French Coast then Afar and Issas French Territories, DJIBOUTI became an Independant
Republic on August the 27th, 1977. A dislocated land. White or pink coloured sand stretches to the horizon.
A salt lake, relic forests, lunar landscapes, exceptional undersea fauna, coral-reef under turquoise water.
ABHE lake, 6000 years old. Its hot-water springs allowed shepherds to lead their flocks here. ASSAL lake is
the african lowest spot : 155 meters below sea-level. DAY forest, the last shelter for elusive leopard.
Here are pictures of the horn of Africa.
Further reading :
DJIBOUTI by Gilles and Jean-Claude NOURAULT.
DJIBOUTI - MAMMALS by Alain and Danielle LAURENT.





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